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Richland Gives

On Monday November 13th, many will come together for an online giving event called Richland Gives and the NC State College Foundation needs OUR ALUMNI’S HELP!

Our Foundation exists to secure financial and community support to be able to provide lifelong learning opportunities to all people in our communities, through scholarships, caring and meeting student needs.

This year our community has spoken, and we have established the Honoring the Legacy, Inspiring Future Leaders Scholarship. The scholarship commemorates the lasting impact, legacy of service and enhancement of lives felt in our communities from every honoree inducted into the Hall of Excellence, while paying the opportunities forward to our future leaders.

As Alumni, please consider a donation in the dollar amount of the year you graduated. If you would like to impact that gift further, add the dollar amount of the total number of years you have been an alumni, to the graduation year gift. If you were a 2013 NC Graduate, your graduation year gift would be $20.13 adding the 10 years since you were an NC State graduate your total enhanced gift would be $30.13.

Will you change a life today? Please support the vital services of the NC State College Foundation by donating today online at Richland Gives 2023.

Tell your friends. Forward this link. Share it on Facebook and LinkedIn. Help spread the work of changing lives!

Remember the next time you see a nurse, a peace officer, an engineer, a college student, they may not be where they are without your help to make a real difference.