PN Students Success in Crawford

The opening of the Practical Nursing lab at the Crawford Success Center is providing many opportunities for students.

Emily Christy, practical nursing student, spoke about the blossoming program and the possibilities for her future career.  She explains, “I know a lot of us started maybe not knowing exactly what path we were going to take and I think the majority of us have decided to move forward now after starting the practical nursing program.”

The new medical training lab officially opened in November 2018 when the first cohort of eight students began classes.  Christy says, “We are the first PN students to come out of the Crawford Success Center.  I think it has been a fantastic opportunity and I am sure all of my classmates would say the same.”

“The facility is gorgeous.  The staff and instructors have been incredible working with us.  This is really our first taste into nursing.”

For Sara Cress, a student at the Crawford Success Center, it’s a chance to advance her career as an STNA while taking classes in her own backyard in Bucyrus.  Cress is no stranger to hard work and dedication.  She says, “I was the first of five generations to graduate from high school.   I was able to get my STNA and then after a 15-year break I decided to come back and continue my education.”

Cress is a mother of five children.  Taking classes at North Central State College’s Crawford Success Center was something she was able to work into her busy schedule.  “I looked at some other schools for the PN program, however, they were offering classes that would take 4-5 hours a day and that wouldn’t work for me.  My children are a priority and my husband works the night shift,” she explains.  “I was able to walk into the Crawford Success Center and ask questions.  They explained it to me step by step and here I am now.”

Crawford County is a close-knit community and the Success Center likes provides the same feel for its students.  Dawn Fagan, the practical nursing instructor at the center grew up in Crawford County.  She says it is important for the community to have easy access to higher education.  “Students can now gain a career that will last them a lifetime, by starting in Bucyrus.  Some of the students also want to continue into the registered nursing program so this allows them to go to the main campus to get the rest of the RN program experience,” she says.  “I believe that the close-knit atmosphere here helps them to be successful in the program.”

“We are looking for people who are excited about healthcare,” Fagan encourages. “People who want to become a nurse and want to help others.  We have everything here at North Central from Crawford County to the main campus.  We work together.  We collaborate so we have all the resources that a student needs to help them succeed in the nursing program.”

If you are interested in finding out more about the Practical Nursing Program at North Central State College go to or at the Crawford Success Center