Leadership Skills

Do you have employees that need to enhance their interpersonal or office skills? This curriculum is designed to explore various interpersonal topics that will strengthen relationships and bring efficiency to your business. The training modules listed below will give you an overview of each topic and can be delivered separately or as an entire package. Please call us to customize your next training session.


  • Effective Communication (2 HRS)Within Effective Communication, participants learn about the communication process, barriers to communication, and non-verbal communication. We will also review tips to better communication via meetings.
  • Effective Listening (2-3 HRS.)The Effective Listening module begins by defining listening and its benefits. Students learn how to become good listeners by examining the various elements and styles of listening. We will identify our bad listening habits as well as our listening attitudes.
  • E-mail & Phone Etiquette (1 HR.)This training module explores steps to phone etiquette including voicemail do’s and don’ts. Various written communication samples will also be shared with the group. Email is such a prevalent communication channel used in nearly every business. We will learn how to manage email, the advantages/disadvantages of email and writing suggestions for email messages.
  • Basic Letter Writing / Microsoft Word Templates (2 HRS.)Understanding basic letter writing and the use of Microsoft Word templates is a skill set that should not be overlooked. In this course we get “back to the basics” with written business communication.


Understanding your customers is the lifeline of your business. Customers (both external and internal) have expectations. This training module will calculate the cost of poor customer service, look at 10 types of customers and share customer service marketing ideas. Students will also learn how to turn customer complaints into sales!


This training session begins by defining both good and bad conflict and exploring various conflict styles. By learning about the process of resolving conflicts, the benefits of successful conflict resolution are explored.


There is no “I” in team. This module will examine the characteristics of teams as well as the stages of group development. This module is designed to include various physical activities … so wear comfortable shoes!


What is Leadership? We will look at the differences between management and leadership. We will also learn how to challenge the process, inspire a shared vision and model the way. There are 10 commitments of leadership that will be discussed as well as leadership characteristics and styles.


Learn how to become a change agent in your organization and how to be more creative. This training module is packed full of information in regard to change management within organizations. Defining change and how to implement it is a critical first step. We will discuss the “Who Moved My Cheese” concepts and the importance of a positive attitude during the change process.