Fundamentals of Animal Science Certification

This certificate program will prepare you to pursue a career in the animal science industry in just three weeks. You will learn skills that meet standards developed by Elanco, the industry leader in developing products that improve animal health and protein production in more than 90 countries.

Four courses to a great future!

General Animal Science

  • Origin & Evolution of Livestock
  • Terms & Terminology
  • External Anatomy
  • Meat Inspection Regulations
  • Harvesting Process

Animal Breeding

  • Animal Microgenetics
  • Breeding Systems
  • Breeding Methods
  • Cloning

Animal Management Practices
(Beef Cattle, Sheep, Goat & Swine)

  • Production Systems
  • Handling & Equipment
  • Nutrition & Health
  • Selection & Breeding
  • Management Practices

Animal Health & Wellness

  • Common Diseases
  • Common Parasites
  • Injection Methods
  • Injection & Vaccination Rules and Regulations

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