Student FAQs Coronavirus

College operations and facility precautionary measures

If you do not have access to the internet or technology outside of the college, you will need to contact your instructors.  Additional arrangements will be made for you to be able to complete your assignments such as packets prepared with assignments, exhibits, lecture notes, etc.

  • We have decided to curtail holding face to face classes beginning Monday, March 23. This means we transition to Canvas (learning management system), Zoom (video conferencing system) and other electronic formats.

  • If you have limited access to a computer or internet outside the college, contact your instructor and ask for alternative delivery of your course content.

  • March 24, 2020 — Following Governor Dewine’s directive, all offices and buildings are closed until further notice. If you require access to a building, contact the following individuals:

    Kehoe Center – Greg Timberlake 419-755-4740

    Health Sciences – Kelly Gray 419-755-4823

    Fallerius – Deb Hysell 419-755-4894

    Byron Kee – Tom Prendergast 419-755-4712

    Crawford Success Center – Amanda Sheets 419-755-9041

Classes and Academics

  • If you have not used Canvas widely, then now is the time to get more familiar with the tool as it is likely to be where most remote instruction takes place. Help documents and other tools are available at this NC State resource link.

  • Chromebook does not allow the full version of Microsoft Office 365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)  to download like other devices.

    For newer Chromebooks, you can use the Chrome Web Store to download the Offie 365 app and you can sign in with your NC State Office 365 login.

    The instructions can be found by clicking here.

    How to install and run Microsoft Office on a Chromebook – Office Support, opens in a new window How to install and run Microsoft Office on a Chromebook. If your Chromebook uses the Chrome Web Store, you can install Office to create, edit, and collaborate on your files using Office for the web in your browser, or install the Office mobile apps through the Google Play Store.

    Older versions of Chromebooks might not have this option.

  • At this time we do not know. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide e-mail updates.

  • As the current Coronavirus/COVID-19 crisis continues, we have decided to cancel all clinical/practicum/directed practice rotations until further notice. This decision has been made to ensure the safety of our students, faculty, and staff. We will continue to work to develop distance options that allow students to meet their educational goals.

  • Unfortunately, the Graduation Ceremony scheduled for May 8, 2020 has been postponed. A survey was sent to all students who were eligible to graduate. The survey showed a strong ddesire to have the ceremony rescheduled. The College will work on updating plans for Graduation as soon as the current emergency situation allows.

  • Yes. Students at ALL North Central State College buildings will follow the distance learning format, including the Kehoe Center and the Crawford Success Center.

Travel and Self-quarantine

  • Yes.  You also are asked to disclose whether you or a household member have recently traveled on a cruise ship or airplane.  We have a questionnaire for you to fill out.  You can find the questionnaire at If you disclose, do not return to campus until you have been contacted by an NC State staff member.

College Credit Plus

  • For CCP classes held at the high schools, taught by high school faculty, NC State will follow your district’s operating decisions for these sections, and support the faculty and students accordingly. Where NC State provides adjunct faculty to teach a course based at the high school, please stay in contact with your instructor to understand any modifications to the course for online access.

  • Will NC State still provide Accuplacer testing for students that wish to qualify for CCP?

    Update as of 4/6/20:

    1. For ACCUPLACER, NCSC is offering remote testing options. Please click here (PDF), opens in a new window, opens in a new window to review Important Testing Information prior to scheduling your ACCUPLACER.

    To schedule your remote testing appointment, please complete the form linked here:, opens in a new window You will receive an email with confirmation of your appointment from, opens in a new window.

    2. Additionally, House Bill 197, signed on March 27, 2020 by Governor DeWine, allows for the following modification to CCP Student Eligibility requirements for Summer or Fall 2020 enrollment:

    For Summer and Fall terms 2020:

    · In order to meet student eligibility requirements, a student shall have an overall high school grade point average (GPA) of 3.0, if that prospective College Credit Plus (CCP) student has not had the opportunity to complete an assessment exam due to this emergency. For more information, please visit the Ohio Higher Ed, opens in a new window website.

    3. Some college courses will require higher placement scores for enrollment, beyond what will establish CCP Eligibility for a student. Please keep this in mind and plan accordingly for the ACT or ACCUPLACER. Placement questions? Refer to this document, opens in a new window or email

    · For Fall semester enrollment, NCSC’s CCP testing/test receipt deadline is July 30th.

    · With the cancellation of the April ACT, NCSC will also accept the June ACT scores for Fall semester enrollment.

    · For Summer semester enrollment, NCSC’s CCP testing/test receipt deadline is April 30th.

    · *If your high school has advised you of an earlier testing deadline, so as to coordinate with your high school scheduling requirements and deadlines, please let us know and we will work to accommodate your ACCUPLACER request.

    4. For students attending a nonpublic or home school, who need ACCUPLACER to be admitted to NCSC for your CCP Funding Application through OH|ID, the state deadline for your CCP Funding Application has been extended to May 1 at 5pm.

    · Please let us know if we can accommodate your ACCUPLACER request, or issue you a conditional letter for your funding application:

    5. Prepare for ACCUPLACER and preview sample tests on the Accuplacer website, opens in a new window.

    · CCP Students will be offered the following test sections with NCSC:

    – Reading

    – WritePlacer

    – Advanced Algebra & Functions

    *We are aware this situation is beyond the students’ control, and will support students in all manners possible.

  • Does a CCP student need to reapply to the college every year?
    • If a CCP student enrolled in a NCSC course during the current academic year, they do not need to reapply to NCSC for CCP.
    • If a student applied for CCP at NCSC, but did not enroll in coursework through NCSC, then the student’s application would expire after the year. This student would need to reapply to NCSC for CCP.

    When does a student interested in CCP need to apply to NCSC?

    Submit your online CCP application to NCSC by the semester deadline. Visit:

    • To begin your classes in the Summer semester, submit by April 1
    • To begin your classes in the Fall semester, submit by June 1
    • To begin your classes in the Spring semester, submit by November 1

    Where can I check my CCP admission status?

    You can monitor your CCP admission status by logging into your Admissions account with NCSC.

    What is required for CCP Admission at NCSC?

    Admission will be based upon receipt of your secondary school transcript as well as qualifying test scores. For testing options and deadlines, please visit the College Credit Plus ACCUPLACER section of these FAQs.

    • For deadlines on Transcript receipt and Testing by semester, Click Here.

    Do I need to submit an Intent to Participate Form to my school counselor or principal every year?

    Yes. The annual deadline for this is April 1.

    (Update as of 3/27/20) For CCP Participation in the 2020-21 school year, the state deadline has been extended to May 1. Please visit, opens in a new window for more information.

    Does NCSC need a copy of my Intent to Participate form?

    No, this form is only submitted to your school counselor or principal.

    Where can I find an Intent to Participate Form to submit to my school counselor or Principal?

    • Your school counselor may have this form available on your school’s website. · A general Intent to Participate Form is available here: Public School Students Intent Form – Public school students can simply fill out and give this form to their school counselor or principal.
    • Homeschool & Nonpublic School Students – Please note that starting in 2020, the Intent to Participate Form will be part of the funding application. There will be no separate paper form.

    (Update as of 3/27/20) The CCP Funding Request deadline, for 2020-21 school year, has been extended to May 1. Please visit:, opens in a new window for more information.

    CCP Advising and Course Registration Questions (Update as of 3/24/20)

    For current CCP Students, who have taken a CCP class at a NCSC campus or online (and who have previously complete CCP Orientation at NCSC’s main campus):

    • You may log into MyNC to plan your requested courses for Summer or Fall 2020 semesters. Once planned, your CCP advisor must approve the course request.
      • To have your course plan approved, go to the Advising tab and select ‘Request Review’
    • Summer course registration for this group of students opens on 03/27/20

    For newly admitted CCP Students, who are seeking to enroll in courses that will meet at a NCSC campus or online, and currently enrolled CCP students, who have not yet taken a course at a NCSC campus or online:

    • You will need to meet with a CCP advisor for your academic advising and also to schedule your CCP Orientation
      • This can be done via Zoom or phone at this time.
      • Please reach out via email to make arrangements or
    • We are also moving CCP Orientation to an online format, which will temporarily replace the campus-based format that is required before a CCP student can enroll in an on-campus or online course. More information will be made available during your CCP advising meeting.

  • Please click here (PDF), opens in a new window to review this family guide on the recent changes to CCP, and what it mean for students. (Released 4/6/20 by Ohio Department of Education/Ohio Department of Higher Education)

Student services (including CCP)

  • In order to ensure the health and safety of our campus community, all student services have been moved to an online format. These include: Advising, Career Development, Disability Services, and Testing. Students can schedule an appointment for these services by calling the Student Success Center at 419-755-4536. When leaving a message, please provide your name, student ID# and a phone number to return your call.

  • NC State tutoring will be available in an online format through Zoom until campus operations resume. In addition to live support via Zoom, students can also access a library of tutoring resources.

  • If you are new to NC State, you will register for classes after completing an online orientation.  If you are a continuing student, you can still register through the Academic Planning and Registration tool or the EllucianGo Mobile app.



  • ALL events through the end of March and the beginning of April have been canceled.  However, you are advised to call ahead to the event organizer if you have any questions. An update can be found on the campus calendar.

  • In light of recent global events, we are moving our Preview Nights online for one day, April 2 at 3:00 p.m. We will be live on both Facebook to answer your questions about our programs including.

Notifications and communication

  • We ask that all questions be directed to We will respond and potentially add the question to this FAQ list.

  • We will provide and archive daily updates through the college’s Coronavirus Response website. Given the rapidly evolving situation with the virus, we recommend students monitor this site. When deemed ciritcal, we will also send updates via text and e-mail.

Impact on Financial Aid and Student Workers

  • If you are a current FWS student,  please reach out to your supervisor.

Child Development Center

  • March 21, 2020 – To protect the children we serve, their families, and our employees from the spread of Coronavirus/CORVID-19, the Child Development Center will close at the end of the day on Monday, March 23, 2020. The teaching staff from the center will be reaching out to families twice a week until the pandemic is over and the CDC can reopen.

Disability Services

  • It is very important that you discuss your accommodation needs with your instructor. Your instructor will work with you to make sure that you have access to course materials and content. If you receive extended time for tests, your instructor will work with you to meet this need. You can also contact Doug Heestand, Office of Specialized Support Services (Disability Services), at or by calling 419-755-4727 for help.

  • No. Most likely it will not be necessary for you to come to campus for proctored tests/exams. Some instructors may opt for alternative assessments which would not require exam accommodations. Please speak with your instructor regarding your accommodation needs.

  • If you are not currently registered with the office, contact Doug Heestand at

Campus Bookstore

  • The Campus Bookstore is closed until the College reopens following the Coronavirus pandemic. There are instructions in the question below if you have rented books to return. If you need books, you can order them online at

    Our website is open to purchase  Summer textbooks at, opens in a new window

    Students with any questions can email the manager of the bookstore at, opens in a new window

  • April 14, 2020 – Rented books will have an extended due date for Spring term that were originally due May 11,  2020.  Please see the email that was sent to your rental account to verify that new due date.

    Rented books can be left inside the front door of the Campus Bookstore in a bag with your name and Your phone number that you used to rent it so I can identify your account. You can also send it in free with the postage paid label that is linked to your rental account (look at you rental email account). The return date has been extended. Please contact Carla at 419-747-5401 with any questions between 9-1 Monday-Thursday.