Quick Stats

Program Facts & Data

North Central State College is funded to serve 140 students:
  • 89.41% of the students are first-generation and low-income, and/or disabled including disabled who are also low-income
  • 95% of the students received advice and assistance in postsecondary course selection which amounted to 339 individual advising sessions
  • 78% of the students received information on and/or assistance with applying for Federal Student Aid
  • All of the students received education/counseling to improve financial and economic literacy
  • Within the first three years of the program 19 students have successfully completed their associate degrees
  • 46 students have made the Dean’s List over the past year
  • 2.8432 is the average GPA of program members
  • 55.76% of the students are between the ages of 31 and 55
  • Students have used 1536 hours of academic tutoring

What TRIO Student Support Services students are saying about the program:

  • “My TRIO advisor takes the time to really talk to me and encourage me to do my best and reach my goals.  Since I am not the traditional college student (I have two young children), the support from the TRIO program has enabled me to persist in my education.  I am proud to say that I will be graduating this Spring!”
  • “The TRIO program offers me support through one-on-one tutoring and the use of a computer resource room to work on school assignments.  I have achieved academic excellence, carrying a GPA of 3.54.  TRIO not only offers assistance to students but encourages them to give back to their communities. “
  • “The TRIO program has provided me the opportunity to visit various colleges which is important to me since I plan on transferring to a four year college to further my education.  TRIO is the best organization I have been involved in at North Central State College!”