New Student Survival Kit

You registered for your classes — now what’s next?

  • This step is optional and can happen before, during, or after registering for classes.

    Financial Aid OfficeFAFSA Website, opens in a new windowFAFSA PINStudent Loans
  • See how to:

    • Pay your bill — Check the Cashier’s page for last day to pay information
    • Get your student ID card

    Cashier's OfficeCampus Recreation Center, opens in a new window
  • See how to:

    • Get your books at the bookstore
    • Visit the Bromfield Library
    • Park on Campus

    Campus BookstoreBromfield Library
  • Username
    Student username for Canvas will consist of the following:

    • The first five letters of your last name
    • Followed by your first initial
    • Followed by your middle initial
    • Followed by the month you were born (using two digits)
    • Followed by the day you were born (also using two digits)

    For example: The login for a student named Jessica Ann Monroe, with a birth date of September 8th would be: monroja0908.

    Office 365, My Password Services, and MyNC login in with email.

    All student accounts will have the same username format and are automatically set up for you. If you do not have five letters in your last name the system will use your entire last name. If you do not have a middle name the system will skip adding your middle initial. For names that have spaces or punctuation the system will leave it out. E.g.: the last name O’Connor will be “oconn” in your username, and De La Hoya will be “delah”.

    Synchronized Password

    All student passwords are synchronized for Canvas, Office 365 Email, My Password Services, Desktop Login, WiFi, and MyNC and will consist of the following:
    • NCSC
    • First two letters of your first name (capitalized)
    • Followed by the last four of your social security number
    • Followed by the first two letters of your last name (lower case).

    For example: The password for Jessica Ann Monroe would be: NCSCJE1234mo

    Online Help for Student EmailHelp for Canvas
  • Check orientation times for any online courses.

    Online Distance Class Orientation
  • Your schedule will indicate a building and room number. Find your building using the key below.

    Building Key

    • KH = Kee Hall
    • F = Fallerius
    • HS = Health Sciences Center
    • B = Bromfield Hall
    • AT = Kehoe Center

    Explore Campus Online Before You Arrive
  • Interested in transferring your credits to another college or transferring credits from another college to NC State?

    Check transfer agreements through Transferology, opens in a new windowTransfer Pathways: 4 Year Degree Completion Options