Welcome to Career Development Services!

North Central State College is dedicated to offering our online students a wide variety of tools and resources to assist with positioning yourself for success. Whether you are just beginning your career planning process, or if you are getting ready to prepare for applying for your dream job, we are here to help you with achieving your goal.

Here are the services that NCSC online students can take advantage of:

  • Resume/Cover Letter Development
  • Interviewing/Soft Skills Techniques
  • Individualized Career Exploration and Counseling
  • Job Searching/Internship Searching Skills

Resume/Cover Letter Development

Please feel free to submit a rough draft of your resume or cover letter to Paula Waldruff, Career Pathway Coordinator, for review. In addition, a library of reference guides for completing a successful resume/cover letter can be found below.

Interviewing/Soft Skills Techniques

Performing a mock interview is a great way to practice and improve interviewing/soft skills. If you are interested in recording a mock interview, please click HERE. If you are near the campus and would like to sit down with the Paula, Career Pathway Coordinator for a mock interview, please call 419-755-4786 to schedule an appointment. More resources are available below.

Individualized Career Exploration and Counseling

A career assessment is a great way to help with identifying your interests, and matching them up with potential careers. Feel free to take a career assessment using our FOCUS 2 tool HERE using access code “plan”. If requested, individual results can be reviewed with Paula, Career Coordinator. If you would like to set up an appointment for individualized exploration over the phone, please contact Paula at 419-755-4786.

Job Searching/Internship Searching Skills

Take advantage of the many resources available to you on tips for job searching on this page. In addition, please feel free to connect with Paula if you would like one-on-one assistance. College Central Network (CCN) is an essential tool for submitting your resume and searching for jobs. Create your account today using your student ID number, and begin your search. Our Career Coach is a great tool for identify job market information and open positions. Additional resources are available below.

Additional Resources

Get the career forecast for your area.
Career Coach provides regional job outlook and salary data.

Match your interests to a career.
FOCUS 2 helps you narrow your career choices based on your interests, skills, and values.

Find local jobs that match your career.
College Central Network provides access to local and national job postings, a resume builder, and other tools to brush up on job seeking skills, such as cover letter writing and interview preparation.

Build a career backpack in addition to the NCSC Career Toolkit!
OhioMeansJobs.com gives you access a resume builder, provides job leads, and helps you find career matches in the State of Ohio.

Additional documents and resources

Internship Program
Read about the on-the-job internship experiences that your peers are having at their internship sites! This could be you next semester or next summer! Contact Tracy, our Internship Coordinator, at tbond@ncstatecollege.edu for more information! Click here to go to the internship website.

Want more information on internships?
Test Drive Your Career
Internships: Company Culture 101
Paid and Unpaid Internships
Internship Interviews
What is a non-profit organization?

In addition to College Central Network, our community job board with local listings and OhioMeansJobs.com, you may be interested in searching for jobs on other online job boards. Here are links to other online resources:

Don’t forget to utilize social media, particularly LinkedIn.com and LinkedIn.com/jobs, to search for jobs, as well! Best of luck in your search!

Contact Information

Alicia Camak

Career Pathway Coordinator

Follow @NCSCcareers for career advice, job postings, and internship connections!