Faculty and Staff Software Applications

What are the primary uses for Office 365?

  • Read, send, and respond to emails (Outlook)
  • Manage your Calendar (Outlook)
  • Add appointments to your Calendar (Outlook)
  • Initiate a meeting and invite colleagues to attend (Outlook)
  • Use Microsoft Applications – Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Save documents to your OneDrive cloud account
  • Share documents with other employees – excellent for collaborative projects

What is my email address?

When logging into Office 365, you will need to login with your entire email address.

Example:  username@ncstatecollege.edu

What can I do when I log into MyNC?

Note:  Access to certain areas will depend on your role and permissions.


  • View my Classes (current and previous terms)
  • View Rosters for my classes (current and previous terms)
  • Submit Grades – 3 Week, Mid-Term, and Final
  • Email students enrolled in my classes


  • Access my Advisees
  • Email one or all of my advisees
  • Provide guidance and feedback to students on their academic planning
  • Plan, Approve, Deny, and Protect a student’s academic plan
    Note:  Course Approval is required for students with certain restrictions, such as Directions program, Probation, Choose Ohio First scholarship, Tuition Freedom Scholarship, Reconnect scholarship, College Credit Plus, etc. before student can register for classes.  Courses should be approved for the upcoming registration terms only.
  • Archive a student’s academic plan
    (Captures the currently planned courses for all planned terms.)
  • View previously archived plans
  • Share notes with student’s regarding their academic plans
    (These notes should be limited to course and academic plan related comments only.)
  • Review Progress towards degree completion for active program/major
  • Run “what-if” Progress scenario on other programs/majors of interest
  • View Test scores, such as ACT, ACCUPLACER, Computer Literacy, COMPASS, TEAS, CSI, etc.
  • View and Print Unofficial Transcripts, which includes all completed courses, grades, credit hours, and term and cumulative GPAs
  • View Petitions & Waivers granting the student access to register for a course
  • View a student’s Graduation Application

Course Catalog

  • View course descriptions and pre-requisites
  • Search for courses by name, course code (ENGL-1010), or subject
  • View section availability by term or location

Financial Management

  • View Budgets for my Cost Centers
  • View Requisitions for my Cost Centers

Tax Information

  • Change my consent for e-delivery of tax information
  • Access my tax documents

How do I log into MyNC?

  • Enter your username
  • Enter your password
  • Choose the appropriate menu – Faculty, Employees, Advisors, or even Students (if you are taking classes) depending on your desired task

Which students can I access in Aviso Engage?

Note access to certain features will depend on your role and permissions.


  • Students on my Caseload
  • Students registered in my classes
  • Other students (using Everyone) not on my Caseload

Adjunct Faculty

  • Students registered in my classes


  • Students on my Caseload
  • Other students (using Everyone) not on my Caseload (depending on your role)

What features can I use in Aviso Engage?

Faculty (Full-time and Adjunct) and Staff
  • Add Notes to a student’s record (replaces entering notes in AdvisorTrac effective 4/15/2019)
  • Submit an Academic Alert on a student (to share concern or Kudos)
    It is important that alerts of concern are sent as early as possible.
    (Replaces sending Academic Alerts (STAR Notices) through  AdvisorTrac effective 4/15/2019)
  • Send Referrals to other offices on campus, such as TRIO, Tutoring, Advising, Financial Aid, etc.
    Referrals are important to keep everyone involved in a student’s success in the conversation!
  • Share On-Campus and Community Resources from the Resource Guide with a student
  • Create Tasks for a student to complete to help them reach their goals
  • Email a student or a group of students (my caseload)
  • Save Email templates of messages frequently used to avoid constant copy and paste or retyping of the same message

How do I log into Aviso Engage?

Aviso Engage uses your Office 365 email address to login.

Note:  When logging into Aviso Engage from a public computer, be sure to log out of Aviso Engage AND Office 365 before leaving the computer!

Example:  username@ncstatecollege.edu

What features are still available in AdvisorTrac?

Many of the features previously used in AdvisorTrac have been replaced by our new Aviso Engage software, however AdvisorTrac still has some information that may be helpful to you.


  • View visit history and notes for any visits prior to 4/15/2019
  • View Tutoring visits (Tutoring still uses this system to log tutoring visits)
  • View upcoming advising appointments (Advising Center still uses this system to make appointments for students)


  • Make appointments for Advising, Assessment, Disability Services, Career Services, Retention Services, College Credit Plus, and Orientations
  • Log visits for students when they arrive for their appointment
  • View visit history

Students (Must be enrolled in courses for the current term)

  • Make an appointment with my Success Coach, Disability Service advisor, Retention Service advisor, Career Services advisor, or College Credit Plus advisor
  • View my visit history

How do I navigate AdvisorTrac?

Tracman Navigation
  • Log Listing
  • Schedule
  • Reports
  • Switch to Consultant Profile
    (Used for Faculty to access students not enrolled in their current classes)
  • Switch to Faculty Profile
    (Used for Faculty to access students enrolled in their current classes)
  • My Prefs
  • Exit – Logout

Magnifying Glass Menu

  • Students
  • Visits
  • Appointments

Trac Navigation

Enter one of the following to search for a student:

  • Last Name, First Name
  • Student ID # (4 digits minimum)
  • Last Name
  • First Name

How do I log into AdvisorTrac?

  • Enter your username
  • Enter your password
  • Click Login

What are the features available in Canvas?

  • Share course syllabus with enrolled students
  • Share course materials with enrolled students
  • Share videos with enrolled students
  • Enter information about upcoming assignments
  • Utilize discussion boards, digital drop-boxes, and other Canvas features
  • Enter and share homework, quiz, test grades using Gradebook
    (This information is pulled into Aviso Engage and can be used to create automated alerts when a student’s grades are low.)
  • Take attendance
    (This information is pulled into Aviso Engage and can be used to create automated alerts when a student stops attending class.)

How do I log into Canvas?

  • Enter your username
  • Enter your password
  • Login

How can I use Zoom?

Faculty (Full-time and Adjunct) and Staff

  • Attend virtual meetings
  • Schedule virtual meetings and invite your students or co-workers
  • Share your screen with meeting attendees
  • Record meetings
  • Record yourself conducting a lecture or sending a positive message to your students or advisees
  • Record your screen actions and voice directions to create a “how-to” video
    (Note:  Videos saved to your Zoom Cloud account can be enabled for closed captioning for the hearing impaired.)

How do I activate my Zoom Account?

  • Search your NCSC email for an email from Zoom with the subject line of “Zoom Account Activation”.
  • Open the message.
  • Click the “ACTIVATE ACCOUNT” button.
  • Complete the form with your name and set a password.
  • Click “CONTINUE”.
  • Skip the remaining steps.

How do I log into Zoom?

  • Go to www.zoom.us
  • Enter your NCSC email address – username@ncstatecollege.edu
  • Enter your personally created password

What is Ellucian Go and how do I get it?

Ellucian Go is an application for your phone or tablet that quickly connects you to many of the features of MyNC.  The application can be downloaded to your phone or tablet from your Android or Apple app store.  Search for Ellucian Go and once loaded on your device, choose North Central State College as your college.

What can I do with my Ellucian Go app?

Some of the features of Ellucian Go include:

  • Receive notifications about important deadlines
  • View my class roster (Faculty)
  • View my class schedule (Faculty)
  • View campus maps and get directions
  • View important phone numbers and call offices

How do I log into Ellucian Go?

You will use the same username and password used for all other student applications, such as MyNC and Canvas.