North Central State College

                                                       Board of Trustee=s Meeting

                                                                   June 20, 2001



1.                  CALL TO ORDER


The Chairman, Mr. Brad Preston, called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m.


2.                  ROLL CALL


The Secretary called the roll.


Present:            Dr. Ford

Dr. Kafer

Mr. Kehoe

Mr. Preston

Dr. Ressallat

Mr. Ross

Mr. Schmid

Mr. Wiseman


Absent:           Mrs. Humphrey


3.                  INTRODUCTION OF GUESTS


The Chairman noted that there were not any guests in attendance at this meeting.  At this time, Dr. Abrams presented Dr. Ressallat with his years of service gift and his gift as outgoing Chairman since he was not able to attend the Board Appreciation Dinner.  Dr. Ressallat expressed his gratitude for the gifts.


4.                  APPROVAL OF MINUTES


The Chairman called for questions or comments regarding the minutes of the May 23, 2001, meeting.  Dr. Kafer noted that the name on page 2 of the minutes under the Evaluation Sub Committee report should be Mr. Ross instead of Mr. Schmid.  Hearing nothing further, the Chairman called for a motion to approve the minutes.  Dr. Kafer moved to approved the May 23, 2001, minutes seconded by Mr. Kehoe.  The motion carried unanimously.


5.                  TREASURER=S REPORT


Mr. Miller presented the Treasurer=s Report for the period ending May 31, 2001.  Mr. Miller reported that revenues for May totaled $781,318.  Expenditures for the month were $1,325,747 leaving a deficit of <$544,429>.  Year-to-date revenues are $12,877,700 and year-to-date expenditures are $12,359,402 leaving an excess of $518, 298.  Mr. Miller concluded his report stating that the StarOhio month end balance for May is $1,490,618.


6.                  NEW BUSINESS


1.                  FY 2001 Travel Report - Mr. Miller gave a brief report of the travel expenditures for FY 2001.  Mr. Miller stated that the report included a snapshot of each department and that he did provide a breakdown of department 3510, the President=s Office.  Dr. Abrams stated that starting in July when he turns in travel expense reports he will also send a copy to Mr. Preston.  Mr. Miller stated that he will provide a travel report for the Board every six months.


2.                  FY 2001 Grant Funds Report - Mr. Miller presented the Grant Funds Report.  He stated that he is trying to create a simplified report showing Grant money awarded and grant expenditures year to date.  Dr. Abrams stated that it is difficult to demonstrate because the different grants have different fiscal years.  The Board discussed the Grants report and other grant related issues.


3.                  ACCT Nomination - Paul Sukys - Dr. Abrams gave a brief biography of Paul Sukys and informed the Board that the College has taken steps to nominate Paul for the William H. Meardy award presented by the ACCT.  A portion of the nomination process requires a letter of nomination from the Board of Trustees.  Dr. Abrams stated that Mr. Preston will sign the letter on behalf of the Board.


ACTION TAKEN: Dr. Ford moved approval of the nomination.  Mr. Wiseman seconded the motion, and the motion carried unanimously.


4.                  Summer Quarter Enrollment Report - Mark Collins presented the Summer Quarter Enrollment Report.  He stated that this is a preliminary report and we won=t know the final figures for another week or two.  He also commented that this report is an informational item and formal Board action is not required.  The figures indicate full-time enrollment is up 3.5% and part-time enrollment is down .3% for a total increase of 1% over last summer.  At this time, Mr. Collins did not have a break down of enrollment by categories.


5.                  Dr. Abrams presented Resolution R-2001-18 - Consideration of Approval of Strategic Plan.  Dr. Abrams stated that the College has been operating from a set of Board approved Planning Objectives.  The NCA has asked us to submit a report on Institutional Planning that included a Board approved Strategic Plan.  The document in the packet is a direct result of the Institutional Planning process.  The President=s Staff came up with the Strategic Plan to carry out the Board Objectives.








                                           CONSIDERATION OF APPROVAL OF

                                                   COLLEGE STRATEGIC PLAN




WHEREAS: North Central State College operates in an environment increasingly characterized by changing needs in the communities it serves, and


WHEREAS: the North Central State College Board of Trustees requires that the College mission be reexamined on a regular basis, and


WHEREAS: the Board of Trustees has approved (R-1999-36) an updated statement of Values, Vision, and Mission of the College, and


WHEREAS: an institutional planning process has been utilized to develop a strategic plan to address the Values, Vision, and Mission statement;


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: that the attached Strategic Plan be adopted by the North Central State College Board of Trustees.


ACTION TAKEN: Mr. Ross moved approval of R-2001-18.  Mr. Wiseman seconded the motion, and the motion carried unanimously.


6.                  Mr. Miller presented Resolution R-2001-19 - Consideration of Approval of Donation of Equipment.  Mr. Miller stated this is a listing of computers that have pieces or parts missing that normally would be scrapped.  Lenny Eaken has offered to take the computers to his PC repair class to refurbish them and donate them to Toy Time.


                                           CONSIDERATION OF APPROVAL OF

                                                   DONATION OF EQUIPMENT




WHEREAS: the Board of Trustees of North Central State College strives to serve the community in the three county service area when possible, and


WHEREAS: at the present time, the College has on its inventory equipment that is considered obsolete and no longer relevant to its current needs, and


WHEREAS: the College has identified a community service organization within the College District that has a need for such equipment, and


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: that the equipment listed on the attachment be hereby donated to Toy Time of Mansfield.


ACTION TAKEN: Mr. Wiseman moved approval of R-2001-19.  Dr. Kafer seconded the motion, and the motion carried unanimously.


7.                  Mr. Miller presented Resolution R-2001-20 - Consideration of Approval of Excess Equipment Disposal.  Mr. Miller informed the Board that this Resolution pertains to the Shelby building.  The construction phase is at a point where we need to determine what needs disposed of and what needs to be auctioned off.  This Resolution is a blanket approval for the disposal of equipment rather than coming back to the Board each time we are ready to dispose of items.


                                           CONSIDERATION OF APPROVAL OF

                                               EXCESS EQUIPMENT DISPOSAL




WHEREAS: The Shelby Mutual Insurance building was recently purchased by North Central State College, and


WHEREAS: the building contains excess equipment, furnishings, and fixtures, and


WHEREAS: the College would like to dispose of the excess through a combination of auctions, outright sale, Aremove for value@, and gifts and donations.


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: the Board of Trustees of North Central State College authorizes the President to proceed with disposals of all equipment, furnishings, and fixtures deemed excess to the needs of the College for the period of the renovation project.


ACTION TAKEN: Mr. Ross moved approval of R-2001-20.  Mr. Schmid seconded the motion.  The Board went on to discuss the Resolution.  The Board decided to have the Resolution rewritten to stated Afor the period of the renovation project@.  Mr. Ross moved approval to amend the Resolution R-2001-20.  Mr. Schmid seconded the motion, and the motion carried unanimously.


8.                  Dr. Abrams presented Resolution R-2001-21 - Consideration of Approval of 2001-2002 Operating Budget.  Dr. Abrams reviewed the budget proposal.


                                           CONSIDERATION OF APPROVAL OF

                                                2001-2002 OPERATING BUDGET




WHEREAS: the Board of Trustees of North Central State College has reviewed the income and expense portion of the 2001-2002 Operating Budget, and

WHEREAS: the Board of Trustees approves the income and allocation of payroll and non-payroll expenditures of this budget.


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: by the Board of Trustees that the 2001-2002 Operating Budget of the College is hereby adopted as presented.


ACTION TAKEN: Dr. Kafer moved approval of R-2001-021.  Mr. Schmid seconded the motion, and the motion carried unanimously.


9.                  Dr. Abrams presented Resolution R-2001-22 - Consideration of Approval of College Personnel Employment Contracts.  The Board expressed that it would helpful in the future if a column could be added showing what the employee=s previous salary is along with a column showing the salary with the increase.


                                           CONSIDERATION OF APPROVAL OF





BE IT RESOLVED: by the Board of Trustees that the following College faculty and staff are hereby awarded employment agreements at the salary and dates stipulated in accordance with the previously approved 2001-2002 budget under Resolution 2001-21.


ACTION TAKEN: Mr. Kehoe moved approval of R-2001-22.  Mr. Schmid seconded the motion, and the motion carried unanimously.


10.              Dr. Abrams presented Resolution R-2001-23 - Consideration of Approval of Tuition Increase.  Dr. Abrams distributed a handout showing Tuition Projections for FY 2001-02 of the other two year institutions across the state.  A few Board members informed Dr. Abrams that they had received a letter from the Governor asking them not to increase tuition at their institutions.  The Board members expressed that they would like to send a letter to the Governor in response to his letter.


                                               CONSIDERATION OF APPROVAL

                                                        OF TUITION INCREASE




WHEREAS: the Board of Trustees of North Central State College is committed to providing access to a high-quality and affordable education, and


WHEREAS: revenue projections based on current resources will not likely keep pace with the expenditures required of the College to ensure quality programming.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: that the Board of Trustees hereby authorize a $4.00 (7.7%) per credit hour increase in instructional and general fees for the 2001-2002 academic year, commencing Fall Quarter, 2001.


ACTION TAKEN: Dr. Kafer moved approval of R-2001-23.  Mr. Kehoe seconded the motion, and the motion carried unanimously.


11.              Dr. Abrams presented Resolution R-2001-24 - Consideration of Approval of Employment of College Personnel.  Dr. Abrams stated that this Resolution contains the new Director of Human Resources who currently holds the same position with Carton Services in Shelby.


                                           CONSIDERATION OF APPROVAL OF

                                      EMPLOYMENT OF COLLEGE PERSONNEL




BE IT RESOLVED: by the Board of Trustees that the following non-academic professional staff  are hereby awarded an employment agreement at the salary and dates stipulated below:


BEGINNING JULY 9, 2001 JUNE 30, 2002

R. Douglas Hanuscin, Director of Human Resources

SALARY: $48,878.14 prorated from $50,000.00 for a fiscal year


ACTION TAKEN: Mr. Ross moved approval of R-2001-24.  Mr. Kehoe seconded the motion, and the motion carried unanimously.


7.                  BOARD CHAIRMAN=S REPORT


The Chairman had nothing to report at this time.


8.                  PRESIDENT=S REPORT


CDC - Dr. Abrams informed the Board that Nancy Hultz, Director of Early Childhood Education program, would be retiring after the end of summer quarter.  He stated that Nancy was the driving force behind the creation of the Child Development Center.  He expressed a desire to possibly name the CDC after her.  This would cause the Board to have some conversation on the process of how the College would name buildings after someone.


Advanced Technology Training Center - Dr. Abrams informed the Board that fund raising for the Shelby Community Project has reached the halfway point towards its goal of $500,000.  He also stated that the College Foundation has agreed to fund $500,000 of the $2 million it has pledged to raise for equipment.  The Richland County Foundation has awarded the College a $500,000 grant.

Graduation - Dr. Abrams stated that graduation was a huge success and that the weather was beautiful.


9.                  TIME AND PLACE OF NEXT MEETING


The next meeting of the Board of Trustees is scheduled for Wednesday, September 26, 2001, at 7:00 p.m. in Room 168 of the Fallerius Technical Education Center.


10.              ADJOURNMENT


The Chairman called for any additional business requiring Board action.


ACTION TAKEN: As there was no further business for Board approval, a motion was made by Mr. Ross, seconded by Mr. Wiseman to adjourn the meeting at 9:30 p.m.  The motion carried unanimously, and the meeting adjourned.







Respectively submitted:                                     Mr. J. Bradford Preston, Chairman

Lisa A. Kitts, Secretary