North Central State College

Board of Trustees= Meeting

April 18, 2001





1.                  CALL TO ORDER


The Chairman, Mr. Brad Preston, called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m.


2.                  ROLL CALL


The Secretary called the roll.


Present:            Dr. Ford

Mrs. Humphrey

Mr. Preston

Dr. Ressallat

Mr. Ross

Mr. Schmid


Absent:           Dr. Kafer

Mr. Kehoe

Mr. Wiseman


The Chairman declared a quorum in attendance.


3.                  INTRODUCTION OF GUESTS


There were no guests in attendance.


4.                  APPROVAL OF MINUTES


The Chairman called for questions or comments regarding the minutes of the March 21, 2001, meeting.  Hearing none, the Chairman called for a motion to approve the minutes as submitted.  Dr. Ford moved to approve the March 21, 2001, minutes seconded by

Mrs. Humphrey.  The motion carried unanimously.


5.                  TREASURER=S REPORT


Mr. Miller presented the Treasurer=s Report for the period ending March 21, 2001.  Mr. Miller reported that revenues for the month totaled $1,125,212.  The AOther Revenues@ total $121,447 was due to an increase from the bookstore representing $79,599.  As in prior periods, this will reverse itself for April.  Next year it will be reported as a liability.  Mr. Miller continued by stating that Expenditures for the month totaled $1,327,964.  Under the Postage line item the $99 represents an exchange of equipment.  The meter reading will be adjusted for next month=s report.  The $100,000 under the Buildings line item represents the down payment on the Shelby building.  Expenditures were in excess of Revenues leaving a deficit of <$202,052>.  Year-to-date revenues are $11,481,520 and Year-to-date expenditures are $9,947,543 leaving an excess of $1,534,067.  Mr. Miller concluded his report stating that the StarOhio month end balance for March is $3,973,249.


ACTION TAKEN: Mrs. Humphrey moved to accept the Treasurer=s Report for the period ending March 31, 2001.  Mr. Schmid seconded the motion and the motion carried unanimously.


6.                  OLD BUSINESS


Discussion of Revised Shared Services Agreement


Dr. Abrams informed the Board that he had just received a draft of the Shared Service agreement this week.  He stated that he would like to get the sub-committee of Mr. Preston, Mr. Ross, & Mr. Harkness together to review the proposed agreement.  Dr. Abrams feels there are still some issues that need to be dealt with.  The Board went on to discuss the issues and will wait to hear a report from the sub-committee.


7.                  NEW BUSINESS


1.                  Spring Quarter Enrollment Report - Dr. Abrams presented the Spring Quarter Enrollment Report.  He commented that this report is an informational item and formal Board action is not required.  The figures indicate full-time enrollment is up 1.6% and part-time enrollment is up 5.6% for a total increase of 4.4%.  Broken down by categories, the day enrollment is up 7.3%, evening enrollment is up .9%, new students is down 8.8%, returning students is up 21.2%, and continuing students is up 3.7% with the total FTE being up 2.7%.  Dr. Abrams stated that he has not heard how our sister institutions are doing this quarter.


2.                  Discussion of 2000-2001 Operating Budget Amendment #2 - Dr. Abrams informed the Board that the Governor announced a week ago a 1% budget cut that includes higher education.  He stated that we don=t know what line items will be affected.  The College has put a freeze on spending until we got a sense of how much the cut will cost the College.  Once we receive details both freezes will be lifted.


3.                  Dr. Abrams presented Resolution R-2001-12 - Consideration of Approval of College Personnel.  Dr. Abrams stated that the first two individuals listed are people who are coming to us from the Shelby building.


                                           CONSIDERATION OF APPROVAL OF

                                      EMPLOYMENT OF COLLEGE PERSONNEL




BE IT RESOLVED: by the Board of Trustees that the following non-academic professional staff  are hereby awarded an employment agreement at the salary and dates stipulated below:



Scott Bendle, Building Coordinator/Shelby Building

SALARY: $7,506.83 prorated from $36,700.00 for a fiscal year



Michael Niese, Grounds Coordinator/Shelby Building

SALARY: $5,684.33 prorated from $27,790.00 for a fiscal year


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: by the Board of Trustees that the following classified staff is hereby awarded the prescribed salary at the beginning date stipulated below:



Rebecca Chase, Administrative Specialist/Student Development Center

SALARY: $1,607.50 per month based on 12 months


ACTION TAKEN: Mr. Ross moved approval of R-2001-12.  Mr. Schmid seconded the motion, and the motion carried unanimously.


4.                  Dr. Abrams presented Resolution R-2001-13 - Consideration of Approval to Remove Contact Hour Fee Cap.  Dr. Abrams stated that last year we asked the Board to increase the contact hour fee from $50 to $100.  We are now asking that the contact hour fee cap be removed.  The contact hour fee mostly affects Health and Engineering students.  We charge a contact hour fee because contact hours are higher than credit hours and we do not receive funding for anything over the credit hour limit.  The Board went on to discuss the removal of the fee cap.





                                  CONSIDERATION OF APPROVAL TO REMOVE





WHEREAS: the Board of Trustees of North Central State College is committed to providing access to a high-quality and affordable education, and


WHEREAS: the College charges a contact hour fee where the contact hours exceed the credit hours for a course, and


WHEREAS: the contact hour fee was designed to partially subsidize the extra costs of high cost, high contact hour programs, and


WHEREAS: the current contact hour fee cap of 10 hours results in a continually widening gap between revenue generated by certain courses and their cost.


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: that the Board of Trustees hereby authorize the removal of the Contact Hour Fee Cap.


ACTION TAKEN: Mr. Ross moved approval of R-2001-13.  Mrs. Humphrey seconded the motion, and the motion carried unanimously.


8.                  BOARD CHAIRMAN=S REPORT


Mr. Preston reminded the Board that Saturday is Grapevine cutting day.  If any members of the Board would like to help out, bring a lopper and gloves.  Meeting time is 9:00 a.m.


9.                  PRESIDENT=S REPORT


Commencement - Dr. Abrams stated that Commencement will be June 8.  He also stated that Dr. Benz, President of Ashland University, will be the Commencement speaker.


Board Appreciation Dinner - Dr. Abrams reminded the Board that the Board Appreciation Dinner is May 11.  Cocktail hour starts at 6:15 at Westbrook.


CWA Status Report - Dr. Abrams informed the Board that the three individuals filed with SERB to decertify.  The Union had until April 9 to respond.  SERB will hold a meeting tomorrow and may call for a vote or acknowledge that the three individuals signed the petition and grant them the decertification.


Governor=s Proposed Budget - Dr. Abrams stated that we will not know anything on the final budget from the Governor until the end of June.  Dr. Abrams had planned on bringing a budget proposal to the May Board Meeting and voting on the budget in June.


Advanced Technology Training Center - Dr. Abrams informed the Board that we officially closed yesterday on the building.  We are continuing to work on Partnerships.  General Motors is looking at 3,000 new square feet.  Tom Ash is looking at bringing their operation to the building.  The Architects are working on detail and design at this point.  John Harkness showed the Architects drawings to the Board.


Other - Dr. Abrams informed the Board that a consultant from Noel Levitz visited the College concerning enrollment management and retention issues.  He stated that he has the executive summary of the report if any of the Board members are interested in looking at it.


Dr. Abrams stated that Board Members had probably received a copy of the ACommunicator@ in the mail.  He stated that this a Legislative Newsletter to key elected officials to keep them aware of what=s going on at the campus.




The next meeting of the Board of Trustees is scheduled for Wednesday, May 23, 2001, at 7:00 p.m. in Room 168 of the Fallerius Technical Education Center.


11.              ADJOURNMENT


The Chairman called for any additional business requiring Board action.


ACTION TAKEN: As there was no further business for Board approval, a motion was made by Mrs. Humphrey, seconded by Mr. Ross to adjourn the meeting at 8:39 p.m.  The motion carried unanimously and the meeting adjourned.






Respectively submitted:                                     Mr. J. Bradford Preston, Chairman

Lisa A. Kitts, Secretary