Transfer Pre-Mortuary Science

North Central State College and the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science have entered into a partnership which enables students to earn an Associate of Science Degree with a Pre-Mortuary Science Focus at NC State and seamlessly transfer to the Bachelor of Mortuary Science Program at CCMS. What makes this partnership one-of-a-kind is the unique curriculum specifically designed to prepare students for the challenging mortuary science program. Further, upon completion of the combination degrees the new funeral service professional will be eligible to take the qualifying exam for Certification in Thanatology (CT) from the Association of Death Education and Counseling and the Thanatology Association. Combining the thanatology certification with funeral director and embalmer licensure is empowering the funeral service professional to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Where You Could Go

A Funeral Service Professional:
  • Works with the bereaved, providing sensitive, effective intervention during a time of emotional need.
  • Is a professional caregiver who enables families and communities to express their concern for life and the living.
  • Is a motivated man or woman who practices a unique vocation and who is legally required to possess certain professional qualifications.
  • Is involved in a variety of activities within the community.
  • Carries out administrative and logistical tasks required by law, custom and accepted practice.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Funeral Service Professional:

  • Provides support to the bereaved during initial stages of their grief.
  • Arranges and directs funeral ceremonies.
  • Arranges for removal of the deceased from the place of death.
  • Prepares the body according to the wishes of the survivors and requirements of the law.
  • Secures information for legal documents.
  • Files death certificates and other legal papers.
  • Assists survivors with details for filing claims for death benefits.
  • Helps individuals adapt to changes in their lives following a death through post-death counseling and support group activities.

Job Demand

With nearly half of Ohio’s funeral directors over the age of 55, retirements are expected and the outlook for the employment is very good. Further, Ohio entry level and median wages are above the national average underscoring the earning potential new graduates (US Department of Labor, 2014).

How Does the Program Work?

Students enroll at NC State and beginning in their first semester they are introduced to the arts and sciences of funeral service. Working closely with their NC State advisor, the student enrolls in a range of courses specifically planned to support a career in funeral service. They include courses in natural sciences, social sciences, and business. Students will study thanatology (science of death and dying) and prepare for a career as an embalmer through intensive human anatomy and physiology in the NC State gross anatomy lab.

Transfer Options

Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science

Upon completing the Associate of Science Degree with a Pre-Mortuary Science Focus students may transfer to the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science to earn the Bachelor of Mortuary Science Degree. Completion of a baccalaureate mortuary science program, like the program at CCMS, is required for Ohio licensure as a funeral director and embalmer. The NC State academic advisor will assist you with each step to make your transfer to CCMS effortless.