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Ashley Brown standing in the Child Development Center hallway.

People Are My Passion

As long as Ashley Brown can remember, she has enjoyed working with people, “I have always loved working with people.  I started off working at a restaurant, then went into retail,” she says with a satisfied smile.  “People are my passion.”

It was no surprise that she enrolled at North Central State College to study Human Services. Brown praises her instructors for their impact on her successes today.  “I had some of the best instructors for my human services classes.”  Brown obtained her associate degree in Human Services in 2014.  She chose to continue her education and enrolled in classes at Mt. Vernon Nazarene University.  In April 2017, she finished her bachelor’s degree in social work. 

Brown says many of her classmates at Mount Vernon Nazarene University also studied at North Central State College.  “In one of my classes, we began a discussion about role models.  Many of my classmates chose to talk about their instructors at North Central State College as individuals who helped them on their journey,” Brown explains.

One of Brown’s professors, Ashanti Ginn, stayed in contact and helped her obtain a position at Advantage Outreach and Foster Care in Mansfield,  an independent foster care agency linking children in need to foster homes across the state of Ohio.  Brown will be helping to maintain foster care placement.  “I am looking forward to helping foster parents build relationships with the children,” Brown says.  She hopes to be able to support both the child and the parent by providing them with the resources they need.  “I am excited.  I am ready.  This will be my first job using my social work degree.”

Working at the Child Development Center

While attending North Central State College, Brown enrolled her daughter at the Child Development Center.  “We started off as an early head start home-based family.  We had a family visitor come to our house every other week and provide lessons for my daughter,” Brown explains.

During the visits, each child is given a goal.  Brown’s daughter was taught fine motor skills and was provided with activities geared towards the goal she was trying to meet.  “I didn’t realize how important early childhood education was until I became a part of the home-based program,” Brown admits.

It was during one of those visits she learned of an opening at the Child Development Center for an administrative assistant.  Brown applied and began working at the center in September of 2014. In this position, she greeted the families every morning when they walked in and at night when they left.  She also made sure the parents checked their children in and out of the center properly, for safety reasons. 

Brown really enjoyed being around the children, “They make my day!”

“This has been a major year for both my daughter and me,” Brown says. The coming year looks busy as well, as Ashley begins her new job at Advantage Outreach and Foster Care, her daughter will begin kindergarten in the fall.

As Brown enters her new career, she says she will continue to use the skills she learned while working at the Child Development Center to impact children across Ohio.

We are proud to have another North Central State College graduate taking the expertise learned on our campus and providing for our community! 

Maybe one day we will see her daughter as a future student on the campus, too! 




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