Our Process

You are a lifelong learner. Life has already taught you some lessons. And you’re gaining more clarity about what you do want and do not want. Comparisons like these are the foundation of creative and critical thinking. That’s why you’re here.

At North Central (NC) State College, we believe that life experiences give adult learners momentum in their education and their ability to learn, change, and grow. Our staff and faculty will help you maintain this momentum and gain even more. We will help you plan a positive future, develop more creative- and critical-thinking skills, and acquire practical experiences to make your dreams—and your dream-job—a reality.

Collaboration is the NC State process. Our Adult Learners website is organized to give all of us a framework (or structure) for partnering together on your journey. It is an outline for success. We encourage you to use this resource not as a step-by-step procedural manual but as a guide. Think of it as a simple checklist—a game plan to help make your experiences in college a little more manageable.